Another July 5, Another Year Older

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Hi, I'm 19. Officially.

THE UNEXPECTED. I still have friends and fellow who wished me as soon as the clock strikes midnight, and oh yes, it felt wonderful. But something had taken me aback, that the earliest person to text me birthday wishes, was the one I least expected. It was the day before, I tell you. And the first person to text me "happy birthday" when time ticks to 12 o'clock in the morning was.. also NOT expected.

They did terrible things that messed up my mind and I've already did a payback, and also, I made up my mind not to care nor believe that they exist in my life. Enough, I thought. But those simple texts they made for me make me realize, everybody do make mistakes. And that everybody could be our best friend. It's just the matter of time, once you hurt you can choose whether to forgive and forget, or keep hating and hating till the pain heal itself and leave you a permanent scar.

But anyways, birthdays have been a usual everyday to me. No celebration, no hesitation, no wishes from mom or dad, no cakes, almost nothing. It made me fly back to the past year when I was in college, the moment where I had the first birthday cake ever, real birthday cake, that was meant for me, ordered for me. Tsk. No words could describe, but I really can't get thankful enough for what my friends done for me :')

Anyhow, friends are friends. Even if one becomes our foe, he/she still, was the teacher of experience, and lessons, that "not all things happen within our want."

Till then, thanks for all the beautiful wishes and prayers. Yes I'm another year older, and hoping to be more wiser. Happy birthday to me :)

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